WATCH: Utah police manhandles a nurse, who was doing her job, and drags her away

In this July 26, 2017, frame grab from video taken from a police body camera and provided by attorney Karra Porter, nurse Alex Wubbels is arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer at University Hospital in Salt Lake City. (Salt Lake City Police Department/Courtesy of Karra Porter via AP) Related News

The video of a nurse being dragged and detained by a police officer in Utah, United States is going viral. Police had come looking for a patient’s blood sample at a University of Utah hospital on July 26. However, they were up against a nurse who was not willing to give them the blood sample as it was not in keeping with hospital rules.

“This is something that you guys agreed to with this hospital…that three things that allow us to do that are if you have an electronic warrant, patient’s consent or the patient under arrest. You have neither of those things,” she can be seen telling the officers.

“I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do,” she says. The nurse has a colleague on the speaker phone, who can be heard telling the police officers, “Sir you’re making a huge mistake right now. You’re making a huge mistake because you’re threatening a nurse.”

One of the officers then tries to grab her while saying, “We’re done. That’s it, we’re done.” He then proceeds to grab her, turn her around and drag her out while she continues screaming. “Help me please…I didn’t do anything wrong,” she can be seen shouting as the police officer pins her up against a wall and puts handcuffs on her wrists.

The officer roughing her up has been identified as Detective Jeff Payne. According to The Associated Press, Salt Lake police has put him on paid leave.

The patient was a truck driver. He was brought to the hospital burns unit after a crash with a vehicle being driven by someone who was fleeing from the police, Reuters reported. He was in a comatose state when the police officers were demanding his blood sample.

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