A ladies club in Kanpur organised London Thumakda, a theme party for its members, recently. Organised at a rooftop lounge, the venue was beautifully decorated with , cut-outs of Royal guards and telephone booths. , who made it early for the party was seen looking after the arrangements. “The beautiful décor has converted the venue into London. I am sure that everyone will enjoy the party to the fullest,” she said. (L) Gauri and Shikha (R) Mili (BCCL/ AS Rathor)
In accordance with the theme of the party, the members came fashionably dressed in Western attire. “The weather and perfect British décor are really making me feel as if I am in London,” said, Richa Agnihotri.
(L) Ginny (R) Sonal, Richa and Shweta (BCCL/ AS Rathor)
The party props also became a huge attraction among the club members as they clicked lots of selfies with them.
Later, everyone was seen grooving on songs like ‘London Thumakda‘, ‘‘ and ‘Sweety Tera Drama‘. We spotted Sonal, , Mili and Niti shaking a leg.
(L) Harsha (C) Niti and Richa (R) Meeta (BCCL/ AS Rathor)
Also present during the theme party were Meeta, Anshu, Ruby and Sonal.
(L) Manpreet (C) Rhea (R) Shivika, Nupur and Pankhuri (BCCL/ AS Rathor)


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