PATNA: Agriculture department principal secretary Sudhir Kumar on Friday said the government has so far registered 51 lakh farmers in the state.

“Collection of data is in progress for registration of more farmers,” Kumar said while addressing a workshop on ‘Building evidence in agriculture: Reviewing data systems and the way forward’, organised by the International Growth Centre (IGC) in collaboration with the Indian Statistics and Research Institute (IASRI) and the (ADRI) here.

JNU-New Delhi professor Vikas Rawal spoke on strengths and weaknesses of agricultural statistics in the country.

and fisheries resources department secretary N Vijayalakshmi said data on cattle, goat and poultry have become very important for making effective policy decisions. She also highlighted some of the challenges and constraints related to the collection of data at different levels.

Shaibal Gupta, member-secretary, ADRI, said policy practitioners should continuously apply evidence in this age of information when data is available everywhere.

Lal Manohar Bhar, director, IASRI, said artificial intelligence should be applied in sample surveys along with collection and analysis of agriculture data.

Dr Ramasubramanian V, principal scientist, IASRI and Dr Kaustav Aditya, scientist at IASRI spoke on different statistical methodologies used in agriculture data analysis and decision-making in the country.


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