NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is about the begin the annual Class 10th & 12th Board Examinations 2019. After the debacle of the last year’s notorious paper leak, the board has introduced a three tier security check to ensure sanctity of the exams. The board conducted a web-workshop for the schools that would be participating in the exams. For the first time, would also involve the students appearing in the examinations.

This session, CBSE would be sending the question papers sealed in different sets that would be witnessed by different people at different places. The three level of seals would ensure that there are no leaks.

As per the reports and official notices, the papers would be handed over to the schools under a CCTV coverage and counter signed by the collecting person. This set would then be unsealed in front of the CBSE observers and two other examiners. The final seal of the examination papers would be broken in front of the students. CBSE has also asked that two students would witness the opening of the seals of the question paper.

Further adding to the measures of security, the board has asked the invigilators to be properly informed of the process. The students chosen to be witness would be random and never repeated. The process would ensure that there is no leak. Keeping a strict check on the paper distribution, the board has also developed an app that has to be updated which would mark the location of the paper collection.

Last year the board received a lot of flak after two papers – class 10 mathematics and class 12 economics paper were found to be leaked. The board had then re-conducted the CBSE 12th Board Examination for economics. To ensure that a similar incident would not be repeated, the board has this year put in place various checks. The board exams will begin from February 15, 2019.


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