GURUGRAM: A new is coming up around 200 metres away from the plaza on the Jaipur side and it is likely to cause more traffic jams on the stretch.

According to the concessionaire of Delhi-Gurugram expressway, a fuel station can’t come up within the 2km radius of the toll plaza. officials said that the National Highways Authority of India () should not have approved the project. However, the highways authority said that it was approved after receiving a no-objection certificate from MCEPL.

The concessionaire warned that the fuel station would lead to traffic jams on the stretch. MCEPL CEO S Raghuraman said, “The fuel station should not come up here as it will lead to huge jams. NHAI should take that into consideration. Also, who will manage the increased traffic volume?”

NHAI officials said that the fuel station was approved as per rules. “The approval was given after receiving a no-objection certificate from MCEPL. Also, recommendations from an independent consultant and the public were taken into account. There has been no violation,” said a senior NHAI official.

On the other hand, NHAI’s independent consultant said, “There is a need to re-examine the proposal in the light of existing ground conditions, according to the ministry/NHAI guidelines.”

NHAI has told the CNG dealer to build the fuel station without causing any hindrance to the toll plaza or vehicles in the area. “The oil company will construct the fuel station, according to approved drawings at their own cost. It needs to observe all guidelines relating to safety and convenience of traffic on the highway,” said the senior NHAI official.

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has said that it would ensure smooth flow of traffic on the stretch. “We will widen the road on the side of the CNG station at our own cost. We will carry out construction without disturbing traffic movement or causing damage to the road. There is enough space for the fuel station to operate there without causing long queues of vehicles. Safety measures will also be provided by us,” said a letter sent by IGL to NHAI.


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