Rajkot: A cop had a close shave when he ducked the bullet fired at him by a bootlegger in Gadhsirvania village of Sayla taluka in Surendranagar district on Thursday.
According to police, the accused, identified as Shivraj Kathi had asked Vijaysinh Jadav, a head constable with Sayla police station, to come to Gadhsirvania village on pretext of discussing something.

“Kathi’s intention to call Jadav was to murder him. When Jadav arrived in his car, Kathi fired a shot at him. Jadav ducked in the nick of the time. After firing, Kathi and his two unidentified associates fled in their car,” said an official from Sayla police station.

In his statement, Jadav said that he had seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMLF) stock in Sangoi village of Sayla taluka last month. He was on target of the bootleggers in the area since then.

Jadav suspected that Kathi was one of the bootleggers who wanted to bump him off.

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