Thiruvananthapuram: Administrative reforms committee chairman and veteran leader who didn’t react on the double murder on the first two days broke his silence on Wednesday. Achuthanandan termed the killings ‘barbaric’ and ‘an act that freezes human conscience’.
“It is not the practice of CPM to solve political issues by elimination. If party members think so, it is a case of serious deviation (from party line). Such persons don’t have a place in the party and the leadership has clarified that,” Achuthanandan said in a statement issued here.

The former chief minister asked the police to nab all culprits and ensure stringent punishment.

Condemning the killings, polit buro member M A Baby said killing is not a ‘political act’.

“Nobody has the right to take the life of another human being. CPM has taken a stand against hanging as a punishment too. Such incidents of violence are setbacks for the party,” Baby said in a Facebook post.


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