Rajkot: A drunkard man hacked his wife to death following a quarrel on the outskirts of Muru village of Nakhatrana in Kutch district on Thursday evening. The accused, ,
“Maheshweri (37) had allegedly axed his wife Hansa (35) to death after the couple had an altercation after Maheshwari came home drunk,” said an official from Nakhatrana police station.

According to police, Maheshweri was a habitual drunkard and used to beat Hansa often, following which she had walked out on him to stay with her parents, one and a half years ago.

“Recently, Maheshweri struck a compromise with Hansa and brought her back home. However, he started drinking again, and when Hansa threatened to walk out on him again, he killed her in a fit of rage,” added a police official.

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