Thiruvananthapuram: The revenue department has started works for marking of flood levels in across the state that had seen unprecedented rise in water levels in the floods in August last year.
The department has issued orders to use money from its river management fund to individual districts to conduct flood level marking of the rivers Achankovil, Pamba, Manimala, Meenachil, Periyar, Chalakkudy and Bharathapuzha.

The project includes marking the maximum level in the field up to which floodwaters rose from the mean sea level, fix flood markers and ensure its maintenance and conduct high precision spirit level survey and gravity observations for forming geoid models. Geoid models are the shapes that the ocean surface takes under the influence of gravity and earth’s rotation alone, under the absence of other influencing factors like wind or tides.

As a prelude, the department has asked the institute of land and disaster management (ILDM) to conduct a survey, for which Rs 14 lakh has been granted. The river management centre has been asked to identify government land near the seven rivers for fixing flood markers with the help of respective village officers. The area will be accessible to the public for viewing the flood markers, which will be constructed by Nirmithi Kendra. Maintenance of the flood markers will be the responsibility of respective village officers.

“Currently, the mean sea level marking process is progressing for these rivers, which is being done by the Survey of India. The flood level marking on the poles that will be erected on platforms will be fixed at several points along a river,” ILDM director P G Thomas said. For example, marking will be done in 130 places in Pamba, Achankovil and Manimala rivers.

In addition, government is going ahead with flood mapping for four rivers — Periyar, Pamba, Chalakkudy and Chaliyar — and Kuttanad, which is highly prone to floods.


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