PATNA: A new blood collection centre, which will provide reports on the registered mobile phone or email of patients within two hours, was inaugurated at the Institute of Medical Sciences () by the state health minister on Wednesday.

Lauding the new set-up for blood test, Pandey said now patients and their attendants would not have to wait in long queues for getting reports. “There is an air-conditioned waiting room with sitting arrangement for the patients. Now, there will be no human error in collection of blood or its transportation to the lab because of barcodes on the samples which will be sent via tubes,” the minister said.

Dr Uday Kumar, head of the biochemistry department at IGIMS, said barcodes would be placed on samples after collection and computers, after reading the barcode, would segregate the samples for different laboratories. IGIMS superintendent-cum-spokesperson Dr Manish Mandal said in this new facility, blood would be transferred through directly to the laboratory which would do away with human error.

To maintain secrecy, patients will be given one time password (OTP) at the collection centre and they can access the report on their mobile phones using the OTP, Dr Mandal said. “Even doctors, who are treating the patients can get the report on their mobile phones by entering the registration number. The report will also be sent to the department’s email.”

The superintendent said the report would be available to the patients within two hours, instead of a day or two taken earlier. However complex tests like or immunohistochemistry will take longer time.

The entire set-up, including the collection centre, machines and tubes, has been established at the cost of Rs 6.5 crore. However, this facility can be availed by those who are admitted to the hospital or are undergoing treatment at the facility.

Meanwhile, Pandey also inaugurated pain and services for terminally ill people at the outdoor patient department (OPD) on Wednesday. Palliative care is provided to patients suffering from cancer or organ failure. This OPD has been made functional especially for those cancer patients on whom neither surgery can be performed nor any medicine or chemotherapy can be given. Facilities under this OPD will be provided from Monday to Saturday. IGIMS is the first government hospital to provide pain and palliative care services.


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