LUCKNOW: A gunner deputed with a senior police official created a ruckus after he climbed atop an overhead water tank and threatened to jump from there in Jiamau on Sunday.

He said he was doing this to show his support for a corruption-free India.

By evening, he was arrested with five of his accomplices after an eight-hour drama.

All six were booked for rioting and carrying a deadly weapon.

Ajay Shukla (40), a native of Mau, was a gunner for a retired additional director general of police. However, he had been away from duty for a year.

He reached the tank around 7am with his wife Poonam and four others: Farookh, Ali Hasan, Arvind Verma and Anil Kumar. While all others climbed the tank carrying the national flag, Poonam and Anil stayed back carrying water and food.

The group started threatening to jump if chief minister did not come to meet them. Ajay said he had a “formula” to make India corruption-free and would only tell it to chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

The drama ended after assurance from the police that the group will get to meet law minister Brajesh Pathak.

Ajay was also carrying a gun, for which he said, “This is my service gun and I will not allow anybody to touch it. It is my responsibility.”

SSP Lucknow Kalanidhi Naithani said Ajay had been suspended and the gun had been seized.

“He has been booked under charges of attempt of abetment of suicide, rioting and for being armed with a deadly weapon. He was also involved in a loot in 1998.”


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