THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Four months ago, the state police department created history by bringing in a humanoid robot to inaugurate their prestigious annual conference, Cocon. It now turns out that the feat was not just aimed at inspiring awe. On Tuesday, the department inducted the first ever humanoid robot to their force.

The robot, , will manage the front office of located in the state capital. Kerala inaugurated the services of at a function held at police headquarters on Tuesday.

When Inkar Sabot, the Chinese robot inaugurated Cocon, the state police chief Loknath Behera had said that the move was part of emphasizing how robotics and Artificial Intelligence would be part of everyday living in the coming days. It was after this, State Police department initiated steps to develop a robot for the department.

KP-Bot has been developed by State Police Cyberdome in cooperation with Asimov Robotics, a Kochi-based startup firm. The robot is programmed to do basic front office jobs such as greeting the visitors, collecting their information, guiding them to appropriate sections, fixing appointments and even issuing visitors’ identification cards. The robot also has the ability to interact with visitors both through voice and through a screen which displays messages. It is also capable of opening case files after receiving petitions from people. It can also recognize senior officers and offer salutes.

“We have plans to add more features to the robot, enabling it to carry out tasks such as vehicular traffic control and bomb detection,” DGP Loknath Behera said. He said that the present model was a prototype and it will need at least a month‘s training before it can be posted permanently at the PHQ for front office maintenance.

“KP-Bot is also a legally aware machine. For example, if someone offerse bribe to it, the robot will initiate steps to register a case against that person,” Behera said.

KP-Bot is modelled on a woman Sub-Inspector. The gender of the robot was chosen as female to promote the message of women empowerment and gender equality.

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