Each year, from January to March, the Girls Scouts of America sells 200 million or so boxes of cookies  – from Thin Mints (definitively the best), Caramel deLites and Peanut Butter Patties to Shortbread, Lemonades, Do-si-dos and beyond.

The mission provides an opportunity for girls to “” and learn essential life skills, while making it a bit more challenging for parents and family friends to honor their healthy New Year’s resolutions.


This is the 86th year of scouts selling cookies , but the first in which a local orthodontist is taking the opportunity to not only help his younger clients, but the community at large.

Dr. Jason Yang graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015 and established a practice in the shadows of Langhorne‘s Oxford Valley Mall – within eyeshot of a water tower that doubles as a beacon for Sesame Place – some six months ago.

“We make smiles,” he explained of his chosen profession during an interview on Thursday.

In that time, he’d noticed that a lot of his patients were Girl Scouts, so Yang Orthodontics came up with a deal: come to your appointment in your scouts’ uniform, and we’ll purchase five boxes of cookies from you. Those treats will then make their way to a Bucks County nonprofit.

Already, Yang – who prefers Caramel deLites – has purchased some 350 boxes of cookies and expects that number to double by the end of cookie season.

“When we realized a lot of our patients are Girl Scouts, we wanted to help them out, and also help give back to the community,” said Yang, noting that a peer and friend from Michigan told him that he was doing something similar there. “Five boxes was a way to keep the math simple.”

He said the first year has been a rousing success. The scouts and their parents are thankful for the chance to not only sell more cookies but give back to those in need. 

Dina Della Ducata, the of the , said the organization, which , greatly appreciates the kindness.

“This time of year, everywhere I turn, Girl Scouts are selling cookies!” she said. “Thanks to Dr. Yang‘s generous donation, our clients, residents and volunteers are in for a sweet treat.”


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