LUCKNOW: Taking advantage of the prevailing atmosphere, a conman duped a man of Rs 15,000 in the name of contributing for the .

The incident was reported at the cybercell on Wednesday.

Complainant Swapnil Agarwal of Mahanagar, who owns a stationary shop in , said he received a call on Tuesday from a person named Rajivan Reddy claiming to be from the headquarters of the (CRPF).

“He told me that if I deposit Rs 15,000 through an ‘e-wallet‘ into the CRPF relief fund then I will not only get tax relief but the CRPF will also give me a handsome interest on the principal amount,” said Agarwal. The caller also said that it was a time when the fund needed assistance of “patriots” and money was being collected from all across the country.

“I got swayed in the name of service to the nation and transferred the amount a few hours after his call. Later, I inquired from a friend in the CRPF about the relief fund and got to know about the fraud,” Agarwal said.

“Since then, I have been trying the number of Reddy but it has been switched off,” he added. Nodal in charge of cybercell Abhay Mishra said the number of the caller was on surveillance and investigation was on.


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