Gumla: The court of additional session judge Lolark Dubey under district on Wednesday awarded to a man for raping and strangulating a three-year-old minor in Gumla district.
Police said on September 23, 2018, the child was playing outside her house at Hesaguttu-Kohlutoli village under Puso police station in Gumla district when 20-year-old Bandhan Oraon lured her to his house. A police officer said, “Her mother, Etwari Oraon, went out to look for her across the village when a girl told her that she saw the minor playing with Bandhan outside his house. When she approached Bandhan, he told Etwari that her daughter was sleeping inside his house and that he would bring her home once she wakes up.” He added, “Etwari went back to his house after half-an-hour and Bandhan said the child’s body had become cold. When the mother went inside the house, she found her daughter dead and covered in a bloody bedsheet.”

Notably, the judgement came within two-and-a-half months after cognizance of the case, in which 13 witnesses appeared. The court awarded the death penalty under the Indian Penal Code’s Section 376 AB and 302 and also imposed a fine worth Rs 10,000 on Bandhan.


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