If you possess leadership qualities, enjoy overseeing large projects and make tough decisions, you might be well suited for a management position. There are numerous management jobs, after you , available in different fields, with each field having its own set of responsibilities.

Once you go in the management department you can get access to many top paying jobs. Just as no management position is alike, neither are management salaries. If you plan to pursue an , then you can join some of the highest paying management job positions, as listed below.

Highest paying Management Jobs

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems manager/Information technology manager is one of the highest paying management position, that you can gain after . As a Computer and Information System Manager, you will have to plan, coordinate, and oversee technology-related activities within an organization. You will have to determine the information technology needs of a company, then implement programs to see that these needs are met.

You will also have to direct and oversee the work of other information technology (IT) workers. IT managers can work in a variety of fields that rely on technology.

Marketing Managers

Working as a Marketing Manager, you will have to plan and oversee programs, to generate interest in a service or product. A marketing manager identifies markets for its company’s products and develop strategies to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. You can work with sales, public relations, and product development to ensure the success of each marketing program.

Financial Manager

After doing your , you can become a financial manager who will oversee the financial health of an organization. You will have to help devise long-term financial goals for your organization and implement the plans through investment activities, financial reports, and analysis of market trends. You will also have to work with other managers to make financial decisions for the company.

Sales Manager

Pursuing an , you can become a Sales Manager. You will have to direct your organization’s sales department or team. You will also set sales goals and implement training programs and work strategies to improve employees’ sales records.

Compensation and Benefits Managers

You will plan and coordinate the compensation packages of an organization. Besides, you will manage employee’s salaries, retirement plans, insurance packages, and other benefits. Your job is typically housed within the human resources department of a company.

General and Operations Manager

After an , you can become a General manager (also known as the operations manager). Your duty will include managing the daily operations of an office or company, formulating policies, or developing and overseeing specific projects.

Public Relations/Fundraising Manager

After becoming a Public relations and fundraising manager, you will have to plan and oversee programs that ensure a favorable public image for your employer or client. You will also work to raise funds for the company. Your job will also involve developing public relations programs and media releases, and developing and planning fundraising events and strategies.


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