MADURAI: would become the gateway of India, and the Makkal Needhi Maiyam would work towards it with truth, social equality and strive to regain the political dignity of the state, said Makkal Needhi Maiyam president .
Speaking at a function organised in connection with the first anniversary celebrations of MNM in , Kamal Haasan said that many people were asking him what his policy was and, asked if it was not enough if he said that “truthfulness” was his policy. “I am a person who decided to pay taxes on time when I reached the right age, and done it till date, and not concentrated on accumulating wealth by wrong means,’’ he said. He displayed the names of the people, who had sought an opportunity to contest the elections on behalf of the party and said that people could come forward to choose them based on their credentials.

Later, he listed out the policies of his party, which aimed at a casteless, socialistic secular society, and wants to destroy the discrepancies in the functioning of government machinery. The party also aims at equality in education with international standard, protecting water and land, enhancing employment opportunities and alleviating poverty. He called upon the people to contribute to the party’s welfare by logging on to www.maiyam, and said that they were the people who filled the coffers of the government, when the government emptied it during their rule.

“Wait till the elections are over, and you will see people running between the parties. Maiyam will be the only party, which will stand strong with its policies,” he said, adding that MNM wanted to retrieve the state from corrupt family rules, and pave a new path of governance.

He said that now his party had developed gradually, and he heard that they were making derogatory remarks about him. “They said that I was the B-team of the BJP. I am nobodies’ B-team, I am the A-team,’’ he said.

While some of his party functionaries who spoke before him said that he would come to Tirunelveli next as CM of Tamil Nadu, he said that they had said so in enthusiasm, and that there was small mound called Delhi which had to be crossed immediately.


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