MOHALI: Keeping in view the threat from a terrorist organisation to target malls and airports in the state, the anti-sabotage team of Punjab Police conducted checks at various places in district. Bomb and dog squads were pressed into action and various teams were constituted to carry out the security checks.

Superintendent of police (SP) Varun Sharma said Mohali police divided into teams conducted security checks at various places in the district on Sunday. He added that malls, bus stands, railway stations, and various markets were checked.

Sharma said, “Security checks are not confined to any episode, but form a part of our routine and we keep on doing it. Today various teams carried out security checks with a view to keep prevent any untoward incident. This exercise will continue for a few more days in the district. No suspicious object was found after today the checks in the district.”

Varun Sharma said the checks are also being conducted not only to identify the weapons or ammunitions, but also for drugs in the district. “Such checks not only help in finding weapons, but also in keeping the miscreants away from public places. It also instils sense of security amongst the public.”

A team of police with dog squad frisked all the market areas in Zirakpur. Bhinder Singh, police post in-charge, Baltana, said Paras Down Town Mall and other parts of the markets were thoroughly checked using the dog squad.


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