If you’ve ever dreamed of adopting a puppy that was once owned by a Pro Bowl wide receiver, you have weird dreams — and you’re in luck.

Green Leaf Pet Resort, a New Jersey pet daycare in Millstone Township, Monmouth County, has 10 puppies up for adoption right now from Odell Beckham Jr.’s dog, Eris, a two-year-old canary mastiff.

The puppies were born on Dec. 4, according to Green Leaf, and they all have new names — for identification purposes, according to the daycare’s website — but unfortunately none are named Eli.


Anyone interested in adopting one of Beckham’s puppies can apply with their name, phone number, email, and an explanation of why they would be a good owner.

Here’s a video of the extremely good pups:

This time, your stance on the Eagles vs. Giants rivalry doesn’t matter: Those are good dogs.

And, if you need to clear your conscience about (distantly) supporting a Giants player, a portion of the proceeds from the sales will go towards Prisoners Assisting Warrior Services, a foundation training rescue dogs in Louisiana.

The jury is still out on whether these dogs can make incredible one-pawed catches, or will try to attack a kicking net.

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