JAIPUR: To ensure safety of living in various parts of the city as students, labourers or are those who are into other jobs, the Jaipur police commissioner on Sunday asked deputy commissioners of police (DCP) across the city to verify their credentials. He also asked them to ensure the safety of these people if their credentials and antecedents are properly verified from Kashmir and through their families.
On Sunday some locals complained that nearly 30 Kashmiris living in the area were shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at Shastri Nagar locality. Following the compliant all of them were taken to the Shastri Nagar police station where their credentials were checked. “It was found that these youths were working with a catering contractor in the city. People accused them of various things which was investigated and were found to be untrue. We have taken their ID proofs and checked their antecedents from Kashmir,” said a senior officer of Shastri Nagar police station.

This is not the sole incident as after the , people are making calls to police stations and accusing the Kashmiris living in the city of disturbing peace. “I have asked all the DCPs to ensure safety and security of the Kashmiris who are in the city as students, labourers and catering business. After checking their credentials if no case is made out, I assure full safety to them,” said Anand Srivastav, commissioner of police, Jaipur.

After the attack people are calling up police stations and accusing Kashmiris living in Jaipur of making inflammatory statements. “We have also asked our cyber cell to be vigilant and to find out if any comments are posted on social networking platforms which can disturb communal harmony. Such cases would be identified and would be dealt with strictly as per law,” said a senior officer of commissionerate. Police have also been asked to prepare a list of Kashmiris living in their respective police station areas.


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