AHMEDABAD: After the Centre pointed out discrepancy in claims made by a Russian woman who has asked for her exit permit, Anastasiia Leonskaia tendered an unconditional apology to Gujarat high court for her statements found at variance from the truth.
In an affidavit filed in the high court on Monday, Leonskaia (38) mentioned that she “craves unconditional apology” for mentioning a different date of her arrival to India before the court, crime branch as well as the Foreign Registration Regional Office (FRRO). After tendering her apology, she has urged the HC to quash the FIR lodged against her by the FRRO for violation of Foreigners Act.

The Russian woman also admitted to have entered the country without visa, about her overstay in 2015. She also admitted having paid necessary fine for visa and overstay in the past to obtain an exit permit.

Leonskaia has told the HC that in December 2016, she went from Chennai to in Sri Lanka, from where she applied for Indian visa, but her request was rejected. She returned to Moscow from Colombo and again unsuccessfully applied for Indian visa in January 2017.

It was on January 12, 2017 that she came to Nepal from and crossed over to India on January 19, 2017, said her advocate Nachiket Dave.

Leonskaia has claimed that her desperation to return to her native country was because of a letter she received from the Ministry of Social Development, Custody and Guardianship in Russia that if she did not the guardianship authorities of Irkutsk City by February 20, 2019, they may transfer custody of her 7-year-old daughter Maitino Stefania to an orphanage.

She has reiterated that the FRRO has an option to deport her along with her 1.5-year-old son, but the authority chose to ill-treat her. Penalties can be levied for overstaying and registration of FIR and criminal prosecution is something unheard of. This reflects “selective bias” on part of the authority.

The HC is likely to hear this matter on Tuesday.


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