CHANDIGARH: lovers during the Bird Race in Chandigarh and adjoining forest reserves spotted 209 different species of birds. A maximum of 188 species were spotted by the team Fish Eye bagging the first prize in the race. The bird lovers also found rare species of and Brown Bullfinch as birds of the day.

The team comprising of G S Randhawa, Mahesh Garg and Alpana bagged the first prize by spotting a total of 188 bird species. The teams in Chandigarh covered the areas from Timber Trail to Morni Hills, Chhatbir, Mirzapur dam, Siswan dam, Nepli and Kansal forests and the . Teams came together from Tricity and Nangal.

These Bird Races are dawn-to-dusk events where teams of bird-watching enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, spend the day, birding in and around the Inter-State Chandigarh Region (ISCR).

After a whole day of bird-watching, there was an interactive session where the participants shared their experience, said chief coordinators Rima Dhillon of Chandigarh Bird Club supported by Meetinder Singh Sekhon.

The most exciting aspect of Bird Race was that it offered a unique platform for beginners, and especially for children to get together with experienced birdwatchers, spend an entire day spotting and identifying birds in an effort to record as many species of birds as possible, said Sekhon.

Team Black Baza spotted 179 species and Team Falcon spotted 171 species of birds.


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