MYSURU: In a bid to prevent II from being accessed by outsiders, the authorities have banned staffers from using cellphones during the three-hour exam period. Also, students who wish to leave before the end of the exam will not be allowed to carry the outside the exam hall.

The new rules issued by the are applicable in this year’s examination from March 1 to 18. The exam will be held between 10.15am and 1.30pm.

Mysuru DDPI (PU) Dayananda told TOI only the head of the will be allowed to use the phone during examination hours. “It will be for communication. Others will not be allowed to use phones,” he said.

Students will be allowed to take the question paper outside the examination hall only after it ends. Stringent rules are in place for opening of question papers as well. “The question paper packs can be opened at the examination hall only after five students sign that the pack is intact. In every pack, we will keep 30 question papers,” said Dayananda.

“Vehicles transporting question papers from the district treasury to examination centres will be fitted with GPS devices. Three officers, including the tahsildar, will travel in the vehicle with police escort. The GPS data will be analyzed in the district headquarters and in Bengaluru. We will know if the vehicle is stopped even for a few seconds,” he said.


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