VADODARA: In a unique effort to develop practical skills of students, the Department of Accounting and Financial Management of M S University provided hands-on training to students to process applications on Saturday.

Nearly 300 students of second year bachelors of commerce (B.Com) of Faculty of Commerce were shown a of online PAN card application process during a programme in which M V Suresh, inspector from the income tax department, delivered a guest lecture.

The official motivated the students to opt for entrepreneurship, provided an overview of PAN and also demonstrated the online application process.

“As department, we offer a subject titled Income Tax Return Preparation. Saturday’s programme was to teach the students practical aspects. The objective was not only to help students learn how to apply for PAN cards so that they can help their families, friends and relatives but also so that they can set up their own venture and make an earning,” said professor Pragnesh Shah, officiating head of the Department of Accounting and Financial Management.

As a next step, the department will organise such live demonstration to teach students on how to file income tax returns. “The aim is to develop skills of the students which they can practically use,” he said.


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