VIJAYAWADA: The ruling decided to launch from Sunday. The , the highest decision making body of the party met at chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s residence on Saturday to discuss the . The politburo has decided go full ballistic in election campaign from Sunday.

The TDP will announce first list of candidates before the election schedule is released. The candidate selection process has already began and the names will be announced soon said agriculture minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy after the politburo meeting. The candidates are being selected on the basis of efficiency and keeping the prospects of the party till 2024 he said.

The TDP politburo also decided to form two committees to oversee the . A manifesto committee and a strategy committee will be formed soon. While the manifesto committee will interact with various sections of people to know about their needs and expectations from the party so that their aspirations will be reflected in the manifesto said minister for information and public relations Kalva Srinivasulu.

The strategy committee will formulate the strategies to be adopted by the party during the elections. The committee will take stock of the situation in all constituencies to prepare the party cadres for the campaign. The committee will decide the macro and micro level campaign strategies.

The TDP politburo also discussed the recent defections from the party. It was decided not to give importance to the defections as the party is strong in all the constituencies where the leaders switched loyalties. One or two leaders might have left the party but it will not affect TDP’s prospects said Somireddy. The leaders who left the party were having personal agendas. When compared to the number of leaders joined TDP, negligible number of leaders left the party he observed.

The politburo gave a free hand to the Telangana unit to take their own decisions in the upcoming elections. Politburo member from Telangana Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy has said that the TDP is having 8 lakh members in Telangana. He said the Modi regime is a big failure and they will work towards defeating BJP. He was non-committal over the continuation of Mahakutami with congress party.


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