AHMEDABAD: Days after pictures of a tiger in Gujarat surfaced, reports have been received of a tiger attempting to prey on cows, at Kotha village in Shehra taluka of . The livestock farmer concerned, Ganpat Mohan Koli, who lives on the outskirts of Kotha village, is afraid and is worried about his cows.

At about 3pm on Wednesday, the tiger twice came to within 50m of the herd but was chased away by local residents. Locals then immediately called the forest department, and beat guards were sent to the area. The tiger made another attempt at about 5pm, when it came to within 10m of the cows, but was again chased away. It then slunk back into the jungle.”

According to a senior officer, Kotha village is near Panam dam, where a tiger’s presence was caught on a night-vision . Deputy conservator of forests, Godhra, , said, “Yes there were reports of a tiger attempting to prey on cows. Forest department staff are at the spot.” Mansukh Machhar, a resident of Kotha village, said, “A tiger did try to prey on cows on the outskirts of the village, but it was thwarted. The farmer concerned, Ganpat Mohan Koli, is now very worried for his animals.”

Deputy conservator of forests, Lunawada, R M Parmar, said that from kills in the area it has been established that a tiger has been in the vicinity since November. A donkey had been killed in the village in November. In December there were reports of an ox being preyed on in the Santrampur area. There were also reports of two cows and some goats being killed in January.”

A senior forest officer in Lunawada said, “When the ox was killed, it was documented that the ox saw a leopard had ran but fell down and was killed. It is now looking like the predator in question was not a leopard but a tiger.” The officer said, “We suspect there is more than one tiger in the area and have called for more night vision cameras. The department has formed 15 teams to scan the forest area.”


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