Ranchi: The of vice-chancellors in state universities will now be through a three-member search committee and the candidates will be identified through public notification or a talent search process — moving away from the earlier practice of them being nominated by the Governor-cum-Chancellor. The changes have been introduced in the Jharkhand State Universities (Amendment) Act, 2018, which will repeal the Jharkhand State Universities Act, 2000.
The amendment is one among the 10 such changes and substitutions made in the original Act, which was approved by Governor earlier this week. The appointment for pro vice-chancellors will also be done in a similar manner.

Explaining how the changes will affect the process, secretary (higher, and department) Rajesh Kumar Sharma said: “Earlier, the appointment of VCs were made in almost a similar fashion, but the search committee was formed by an executive order. But now, the process of formation of the same is incorporated in the Act itself, making it a statutory part of the appointment process. Since this provision for appointment of VCs is defined in most states, it was introduced in Jharkhand too.”

The changes in the Act also define the constitution of the search committee, which will now have a chairperson nominated by the , an eminent educationist and an official representing the state government. The provisions have also clearly defined that all three members of the committee should not be connected to the university or the colleges in any manner.

The search committee will now recommend a panel of names, which will be valid for one year. In case the position falls vacant within a year, the choice will be made among the other names in the panel by the chancellor in consultation with the state government.

Other amendments introduced include, increase in the life membership amount for senate members of state universities from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, in cash or in shape of property equivalent to the amount. Additionally, the pension amount received by Vice Chancellors from any other state or central government universities will now be considered as a part of the receivable salary.

Jamshedpur Women’s College has also been officially rechristened as the Jamshedpur Women’s University as a subsection in the Section 3 of Jharkhand State Universities (Amendment) Act of 2018.


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