The Wildwood Boardwalk, the 100-year-old promenade along the shore town‘s beaches that has inspired , is reportedly in need of a hefty facelift.

The City Commission approved a master plan last month, the , that calls for a complete reconstruction of the boardwalk to the price of $64.5 million.


is now asking New Jersey for the funds, asserting that much tourism revenue in the state is generated from the Wildwood Boardwalk.

If the funds are granted, the reconstruction will likely occur in three phases, beginning this fall: Oak Avenue to 26th Avenue ($25.5 million), Montgomery Avenue to Schellenger Avenue ($20.7 million), and Cresse Avenue to Burk Avenue ($18.3 million). Reconstruction would update fiber optics, sanitary sewer, and water piping, among other tenants of the infrastructure.

Mayor Ernie Troiano said he hopes the state grants the funds so he can avoid taxing residents. The city will reportedly continue to search for other funding as the state makes its decision.



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