Say what you will about SEPTA, but NJ Transit has a sui generis blend of embarrassing behavior. 

Last October, during an extended technical delay, an who simply was following the directions given to her by her bosses. Everyone who witnessed the tirade came to the conductor‘s defense, but the passenger persisted in berating the employee. 


The latest NJ Transit spectacle surfaced Wednesday night on a train headed for Trenton on the Northeast Corridor line. 

An unidentified woman took the liberty of reserving a seat for her purse, despite multiple people standing around her. Then she refused to follow the orders of a conductor and pleas from other passengers. The degree of entitlement this woman displayed is almost unbelievable. 

The train was delayed for 25 minutes due to “police activity,” meaning this lady‘s spoiled defiance. Officials told the woman refused to cooperate and eventually left on her own. 

“We encourage customers to make every seat available by placing bags on their laps or on overhead luggage racks and complying with the direction of train crews,” a NJ Transit official said Thursday.


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